Busy Bee Status: How I Cope

As an attorney at a small firm, being busy ebbs and flows. Some weeks are a breeze (don’t tell anyone) and some weeks leave me gasping for air. This week has been the later. I have also been to three events related to my role within my local young lawyers group, which has had me running across town almost every day this week. I love being busy, but I know that I have a terrible habit of overfilling my plate with activities and work. I think I can manage it…but then I am left feeling drained. For example, today, I read to some children at an elementary school.



Meanwhile, back at the office, I am preparing for a huge hearing.


Of course, attorney or not, most successful and ambitious people tend to say “yes!” more than “no” in an effort to show themselves–and others–how well they manage everything and how they can be everywhere all the time. This is usually not sustainable.

When I find myself drowning in the bed I made for myself, I try to remember to take advantage of mindfulness–that trendy buzzword which seems to have a hold of the corporate world suddenly. I used to think that meditation was something you had to be very good at, and something that was for the type of guru who has forsaken worldly things and has found full inner peace. This thought was daunting…and so I dismissed the idea. However, reading books on business and productivity, like The Happiness Advantage, showed me that incorporating meditation (mindfulness) into a regular day is perfectly acceptable and much more attainable. And thank God for apps! Apps like Headspace have allowed me to ease into meditation and understand the value of even a few minutes of focusing on my breath and the present.

Getting bogged down is no way to manage the day. Refocusing on the present actually clears my mind of clutter and allows me to get back on track when I feel pulled in 100 directions.

How do you manage a busy day? Share your tips below!

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