My “Bare Necessities” of Makeup

As my Instagram moniker (@legallymadeup) suggests, makeup is as much of a passion of mine as practicing law. Makeup is my meditation in the morning, my moment for mindfulness before the clients call and opposing attorneys file motions. Makeup gives me confidence; and, like practicing law, takes time to master.


But you do not need to “master” makeup–or know what brush does what–to create a simple look which enhances your favorite feature. I am willing to bet that there is at least one facial feature you love about yourself. Is it the fullness of your lips? Your dimples? That subtle hint of grey in your eyes? Your skin? Whatever it is, makeup is there for you, babe. Here is the short list of what I deem to be must-haves. But please remember, ladies and gentlemen, that makeup does not have rules or guidelines. Makeup is supposed to be fun and a creative outlet. Do you, booboo.

Without further ado, here are my bare necessities:

  1. Moisturizer with sunscreen: Most makeup gurus agree that no matter your skin type, you need moisturizer and you DEFINITELY need sunscreen. That’s a non-negotiable. Moisturizer usually does a good job of laying a nice foundation and “priming” your skin without actually layering on a primer.
  2. Concealer: Don’t like foundation? No worries. Concealer can lightly cover what you want, and even out darkness or lightness without feeling heavy.
  3. Mascara: A black mascara (preferably after using a lash curler) emphasizes and opens eyes immediately.
  4. Brow gel: Even using a clear brow gel will tame brows, and some tinted ones even add fullness (check this one out). Now, I know it is a lot to ask, but if you’re feeling froggy, I truly cannot live without brow pomade. Yes. Pomade. Like, for your brows. It changed my face, and my life.
  5. Blush: I think this is a must-have because once you even out your skin with concealer, you need to add some life back to your face. Plus, rosy (or red, orange, whatever) cheeks are a sign of youth, so says me.
  6. Lip gloss: Lip glosses now can be as pigmented as lipsticks, which is why this is a catch-all category for whatever lip your heart fancies. Red? Light pink? Clear? Blue? Do it!

What are your must-haves? If you could only pick 6 products, what would they be?

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