Fri-Yay Hustle


Yay for the end of the week! Yay for October…Yay all around.

Oddly enough, Fridays are usually really busy for me. I don’t know if it is the nature of the legal community, or if it’s just my luck, but I usually have aspirations of leaving early and never get to do so. But, the weekend needs to be cherished! To that end, I try to plan happy hours with friends on Fridays, which jump-starts my weekend. I also like to have some goals set for the weekend relating to getting ahead on work stuff, catching up on personal goals, and working on my “extra-curricular” networking tasks.

Though I go into the weekend ready to make the most of it, I don’t write these things down, but I am going to start. Writing, specifically hand-writing, transforms ideas and “best intentions” into understanding and action. So, today, I’m making a vow to write my weekend goals down so that I can make the most of my “free time.”

I remember many moons ago when I would sleep away my weekend. Back then, though, the only things I really needed to do on the weekend was…well…nothing! Life was simple then, I suppose. But I am grateful that I have social events to attend, meals to prepare, shopping to do. So I need to make the most of it.

Here’s my list (so far) for October 6-8:

  • Plan and meal-prep for next week’s meals
  • Buy gift for my nephew’s birthday
  • Gather recipes/ideas for Thanksgiving baking
  • Finish reading Between the World and Me

Here’s to your Fri-yay hustle. How do you like to start the weekend? Any tips for making the most of it?

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