Am I Bad at Gratitude?

The more I think about this blog-thing that I am diving into, the more I think about how I can shape this to be a Julie & Julia – type thing, but less bouillabaisse and more introspection. I am into a lot of different topics, but I am currently entranced by Gretchen Rubin’s experiment.

I’ve made it to August in Gretchen’s year-long project. August, she says, is about contemplating the heavens and eternity. One of her goals for the month, in keeping with that spirit, was to keep a gratitude notebook. This is not the first time I have heard about such a practice. I had tried to bullet journal this year, and one of the suggested pages for a BUJO (how cool am I) is to keep a gratitude page/log for each month (what’s a bujo, you ask? Here’s some info. Also, here’s a sample of a gratitude log for a bujo). I was hesitant because I did feel a little daunted by dedicating a full page to writing about things for which I was thankful. Could I think of that many things?

This way of thinking is exactly why I needed to start doing this.

That said, knowing you should do something doesn’t make it easier. I still felt like this practice was going to be a chore, and “making a gratitude list,” or whatever, would certainly never make my list.

But; gratitude changes your mindset. Gratitude means focusing on those things I take for granted: traffic on my commute is an opportunity to be thankful that I don’t drive a beat-up (though full of character!) 1988 BMW anymore. Traffic means I am alive, and can drive myself places. Traffic means I have a job. Traffic means I have a home. Gretchen talks about turning a complaint into gratitude and this is a perfect example. “I hate traffic” becomes “I am so thankful for traffic.” I know: I can feel your eyes rolling to the back of your head now. But, that mindset makes for a happier day, no? Rather than coming home pissed about how long it took, I’m cheery, and happy to be home, because so many don’t have a place to call home.

So, am I bad at gratitude? Meh. I could be better. And I could definitely be better about writing it all down.

How about you? Are you good at gratitude? Do you have any methods that help you re-frame a suck-y situation into an opportunity to be thankful?

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