What I’m Reading: The Happiness Project (mid-book takeaways)

I’ve started “reading” The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. It’s not that I am sad, but you don’t need to be depressed or sad to think you could stand to be a bit happier. This is the sentiment of Gretchen when she starts her project. The idea is that each month for one year, Gretchen identifies areas in her life which she could improve. I am in June and so far, Gretchen has tackled Energy, Marriage, Career, Parenting, Leisure, and Friendships. To say that I respect Gretchen’s ambition is an understatement. To evaluate your life and realize that each area could stand to be made better, even in a small way, is not easy. It is hard to take stock of one’s life; but she is really motivating me to start.

I’ve never EVER thought about starting a blog, but one of Gretchen’s goals in March was to start one for her own business. She felt put-off by it, because she didn’t know how to start, and was worried about putting time into something new when she felt she didn’t have time for things in her life as it was. But, in keeping with her goal to take risks and just “do,” she did. Now, I am not suggesting that I am going to be quite as literal as I make my way through the second half of this book, but setting this blog up was also emblematic of another pricnciple of the book: enjoy the fun of failure. “Fun?” you say, in “failure?” Yep. And you know what; that phrase actually scares me. But failing means I tried something. So, this blog is not for my career, or an attempt to make money on the side. It’s more to sort through my thoughts and take stock of what interests me so that I can find sources of happiness and work on increasing happiness all-around. I had a thought, and I took a leap. As Red says in the Shawshank Redemption, “get busy living, or get busy dying.”

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